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We offer a selection of birds from finches and canaries to budgies and the largest macaws! All of our babies are hand fed and socialized to be the best companions possible.

Our goal is to offer you the finest parrots, parrot products and parrot information on the web. How do we do that – and what makes this site different than the others? First off all, we are a experienced and have a standby staffs willing to answer you all your questions at all times..

Multan birds employs a knowledgeable, friendly staff that is well-versed in bird care. Multan birds associates can answer most bird related questions including concerns about behavior and diet. At Multan birds, birds are never pushed on people, instead, potential bird owners are carefully screened to ensure that the species they are interested in matches their lifestyle.

Multan birds has sold thousands of birds over the years and has maintained its loyal customer base for nearly three decades. Multan birds has built his business on a simple philosophy—to sell healthy birds and quality products, price them competitively, and provide customers with the cleanest store and most helpful service they can find

We pride ourselves on the personal service and proper education of which these feathered companions are so deserving. Our smaller birds (bourkes, cockatiels, conures, lovebirds, linnes, parrotlets) are batch tested for Polyoma, Psittacosis, Beak & Feather, and PDD. All medium and large parrots are individually tested for the aforementioned diseases, with files kept on each bird and their respective test results. All boarding birds require test results for your peace of mind, as well as that of Multan birds.

Our staff of avian experts are ready to assist you with finding the appropriate baby to join your family. Here at Multan birds, we help you select a companion bird that fits your household. We take the time to guide you through your decision, ensuring that bird and owner are a good match. The staff at Multan birds knows birds and we are here to help and answer all your questions.


Our Passion

Our passion for birds originated through our years of bird breeding, handling, raising exhibition quality budgerigars. Care and diet of your Pet Bird is so important and all our Birds get fresh Fruit and Vegetables daily.

Our Journey

As champion breeders we decided to bring our passion, joy, experience and love of birds into your home by supplying you with the complete package, this is simply our One Stop Shop to you. You simply select the bird.

What we do for you!

We noticed that many people want companionship and being unable to have cats or dogs in their homes, found that birds were the answer or simply dreamed of having their own Pet Bird one day. Multan birds is a ……

Complete Package

We provide the bird cage, stand, toys, accessories and seed with your bird, so you and your new companion can get off to the best start possible. Multan birds offers a competitive package price with the added value of purchasing….

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